Monday, May 5, 2008

New version! Level Select!!

Whats new:
  • Level select
  • EP points change color
  • version number system
  • Game installer
  • Highscore is saved
If the installer doesn't work leave a note in the comments with your OS version and video card maker (ATI or nVidia)



Note: Download it will point to Trino.0.2.3047.28470.exe but it actually is Trino.0.2.3048.32158. What's new on Trino.0.2.3048.32158:
  • Relative Path Problem Fixed (When run through shortcut)
  • Added uninstall icon in the "Start\Program Files"
  • All the textures now are uncompressed (hopefully give better ATI card compatibility)


Gabumon said...

No Uninstaller?

Young said...

You can uninstall Trino through the control panel like other programs. :)