Friday, March 28, 2008

Level Editor

We made this Level Editor to design each level having an unique shape.

To bit the level, you need to cover whole area of the level.
You can do it by putting points on each specific point (not all points) on the boundary.
It's like making convex hall of the level.

Hmm, we hope you to understand. :)

Player Evolution States

Our new game designs allow the player to evolve by collecting energy from killed enemies. These are the evolution states from larval form to skate form. By evolving, players can lay down more points to create more complex shapes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

XNA Alpha ver.2 (Week 9)-Half presentation!

Upon the feedback we got from GDC, we made huge shift to our game both in gameplay and aesthetic.

We are implementing...

-Evolution of triangle by gaining additional point

-Combo (achieving "perfect!" by having +1 enemy in each triangle)

-Beating border to go to next level, by using the evolved ability from current level

and changing the whole aesthetic to be more mechanical to well match the geometric nature of our gameplay.

...and here's the latest video we showed at 1/2 presentation last Friday (21st Mar) with some of above implemented (evolution and combo, and some effects that is for new aesthetic)

XNA Alpha ver.2 (Week 9)

XNA Alpha ver.1 (Week 5)

After struggling to find right look for out game, we decided to go with a very unique aesthetic that makes out game stand out from others...

...and we built assets and put into our game...

Squishy underwater creatures, bubbly sounds and bubble effects!

Aweeee.....How cute!!!

Then we brought this to GDC to show it to people :)

Early prototype (XNA)-Week 2

After struggling ourselves to get a home at the 1st week out in SV, we built this prototype to see if the core game mechanic idea is fun, and actually works.

We first built in on panda, then converted it into XNA and showed it at quarter presentation.

It's Watching You...

Since GDC, the art team has been busy formulating a new aesthetic to work with our mechanic and gameplay goals. After a lot of sketching and frantic hand-waving, the artists just sat down and started making stuff. Here is a shot of an enemy I worked on:

Ivan's been working (really really) hard on the new main character model, and hopefully, he'll post his work soon.

Moved to Blogger!

We're going to use wiki for archival purpose of documentations, and use the blogger as a mean to show our progress. (For personal task, meeting notes and schedules, continue on looking and updating at wiki)

The etc project website,

will be a link to the blogger.