Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Download newest Trino and play!

New Trino Build!

What's new:
* Several bug fixes
* New effects
* Difficulty adjustment
* Score/HiScore (HiScore is not persistent, it is only for testing)
* Currently, game has issues with ATI graphics cards. Sorry!

If you have already played our game and installed all requirements,

Just download newer version of the game:

(You can delete the old and its content).

If you are trying to run the game for the first time


1) .NET Framework 2.0 - Go:
2) DirectX runtime - Go:

3) XNA runtime - Go:

AND YOU NEED Xbox 360 Wired Controller (or Xbox 360 Wireless Controller w/ USB Wireless Receiver)

...and then
download our game:

We'll come up with installer as soon as possible to make the steps much simpler, but for now I hope it is not too confusing what the steps are. Game is originally developed aiming at xbox than online distribution which lowers accessibility for general public, but we want to get as many of you to play our game! So, thank you so much for taking extra steps to play the game :D

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