Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trino! Pre Beta Release!

Download: http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/xbl/trino_prebeta.zip

Requirement: You need XBOX 360 Controller!

* Unique Game Mechanics
* 6 Puzzling and Action Filled Levels
* 7 Enemies with Advanced AI who use their cunning abilities to track and hunt you down!
* Breathtaking 3D Graphics and Effects
* Compelling Music

Any comments, feedbacks, bugs, or questions, please reply this posting! We love to see your feedback!

Known Issues:
* The text has black rectangle around it
* When you create a triangle, there is a blue lighting, sometimes the state is screwed

If you have played the game, it would be nice if you could post your high score, furthest level you have reached and computer specs! Thanks!

Enjoy guys!


Ivan said...

Post your high score and level! mine was over 9000 and level 6!
- ivan

Young said...

I cannot remember my score, but I cleared all the levels! :) Yeah, it's not impossible.

Neel said...

I got to around 3000 on level 3. Damn biting enemies. You guys should show the final score on the GAME OVER screen.

The game is very exciting :)

tep said...

I have reached level 6, but I don't remember my score..

Linhan said...

Reached 13800, fifth level. hoho!

Ivan said...

Two playtesters from EA stopped by. 1st reached level 4 with 5920 and the 2nd reached level 4 with 6456.
- ivan